Tears of Love is the 2nd book in the Series Lovers by Midnight Snow.

Tears of Love

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They have walked down the aisle and have become partners for life.

 3 months after they are married, the day finally arrives. Even though it is a few weeks later Adriana is thankful the pain is over. They soon find out that Lauren,  Adriana's sister, is having her baby 2 months after theirs and they grow worried as Adriana wants to see her niece or nephew but has to take care of her 2 week old twins. Has their adventure together started perfectly or is this a bad start?

Succeeded By:

Royal Duties

Precceed By:

Dreams Do Come True



  • Jason Randolf
  • Adriana Randolf

Minor Main:

  • Lauren Williams
  • Amy Randolf


  • Kathalina Rachel Randolf
  • Ethan Angelo Randolf
  • Michael Randolf

Cover Art:Edit

Tears of love Cover Art

To Read Tears of Love:Edit

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